Galenics and Analytics


Development / validation

We develop, validate and optimise galenic formulations

Development and validation of quality control methods

Newly developed product transfer from small laboratory batches to full-scale manufacture


FTIR-NIR / Karl-Fischer Titrator / HPLC / Dissolution

We have our own quality control laboratory, where we carry out chemical analytical tests for approval of active ingredients, drugs, packaging materials and bulk products.

We also work in a long-established partnership with a qualified external laboratory for microbiological and special tests

Galenics is the process that turns an active ingredient into a ready-to-use medicine that can be dosed as required. Optimisation of customer’s existing galenics processes is another service offered by Konapharma AG. You can rely on all the services provided by our galenics department.

From the in-depth analysis of your raw materials and formulation to product development and approval, Konapharma AG has the necessary expertise to develop your product

Konapharma AG has its own quality control laboratory for chemical and analytical determinations. Our laboratory is equipped for the incoming inspection of active ingredients and excipients, as well as all packaging materials. The final analyses of finished products are also carried out in our laboratory.

We offer stability tests according to ICH guidelines, methods transfer, methods development and validation of methods.