Tableting & encapsulation


Monolayer and bilayer tablets, prolonged-release tablets, MUPS tablets, and effervescent tablets

Modern rotary tablet press machines with 20-60 punch stations
or segment technology and multi-tip tools

Hard gelatine and HPMC capsules

Capsule machine with total filling control


Tablettierung & Verkapselung


MUPS is one of the most challenging examples of our expertise in complex dosage forms production. We also have a vast experience in manufacturing prolonged-release tablets, bilayer and effervescent tablets. Our high-performance tableting machines can process high-volume orders in no time at all.

We manufacture all tablet forms under strict controlled room conditions.

We also offer encapsulation of various complex products, meeting the high quality requirements of our customers.
Multiple dosing with identical or different galenic forms is not a challenge for us. Regardless of the batch size, the filling process always undergoes total filling control of each capsule.

Tablettierung & Verkapselung