Blister packing


PVC-ALU, PVC/PVDC-ALU, PVC-glassine, PVC/PVDC-glassine, PVC-Tyvek, Aclar-ALU, ALU-ALU, ALU-Peel, ALU-Peel and Push

Eight cutting-edge blister machines in various formats,
offering total filling control

Four conditioned closed blister rooms for the blister packing of highly sensitive or moisture-sensitive products




Blister-packing of sensitive inhalation capsules in high volumes is not a challenge for us. Four of the eight blister lines are housed in special facilities, suitable for sensitive products. They are constantly monitored to meet particular customer requirements. Our equipment includes various blister machines with state-of-the-art technology to record the sealing temperature.

All our blister lines offer a large number of different format tools to allow the blister packing of tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, ampoules and vials.

Each blister line is equipped with a UV flexographic printing system. This allows us to implement all your printing requirements.