Primary packaging

Blister packing / bag filling / tube & bottle filling

Blister packing / bag, tube & bottle filling, Blister packing of tablets, bilayer tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, ampoules and vials

Powders, granulates and effervescent granules are packed in bags.

We offer tubes and bottles types for
tablets, capsules, and effervescent tablets packaging.


Primary packaging, packaging in direct or potential direct contact with the dosage form. These kinds of packaging play an important role in the development of pharmaceutical products. Drug ’s quality, effectiveness and safety do not only depend on the quality of its active substance, of the excipients and the formulation, but also on its packaging – primary packaging, in particular. Our experienced team members are experts in primary packaging. We use high-performance machinery to ensure maximum safety for your product.

We specialise in high-performance blister packs in open or separated compartments. We also offer bag-, tube- or bottle filling in large volumes. Our infrastructure is also suitable for complex chilled products.

What capsule or tablet can we pack for you?


Room conditions in primary packaging
The air change rate in our blister-packing facilities is 16 times per hour. The clean room zone ISO 7 (352,000 particles 0.5 μm /m3) and clean room zone ISO 8 (3,520,000 particles 0.5 μm/m3) are available in our facilities.

Monitored environmental conditions

Blister rooms
Temperature: 22,5 ± 2,5 °C
Humidity: 9–15 % ≤ 30 %,
30–40% und 40–55 %

Blister lines and bottle filling under laminar flow
Temperature: 22,5 ± 2,5 °C
Humidity: ≤ 55 %

Bag filling
Temperature: 22,5 ± 2,5 °C
Humidity: ≤ 30 % and ≤ 55 %

Tube filling
Temperature: 22,5 ± 2,5 °C
Humidity: ≤ 30 %


Blister packing
4x Romaco Noack DPN 760
3x Romaco Noack N623
1x Romaco Noack N623 MS

Bag filling
2x Mespack H-180-D

Tube filling
1x Medipac MF 70

Bottle filling
1x Bosspack