Secondary packaging

Automatic packaging / manual packaging

We package blisters, bags, bottles, tubes, ampoules, vials,
and other drug products in our modern secondary packaging plant.

Your products can either be packaged using modern packaging machines
or in a special way – by hand, if required.


Secondary packaging is one of the key contributing factors in your product’s success. We excel in fulfilling the most unusual customer requirements and guarantee the highest quality. We offer all common serialisation technology and are already today (2017) ready to fulfill all upcoming regulatory requirements globally. We also package folded boxes with a variety of contents, inserts including leaflets or booklets. Coding of the final packaging, marking with a data-matrix code (with/without serial number), pouching and bundle packaging the number of different ways to fit the packaging to your individual requirements are virtually limitless.

Labelling of tamper-proof labels, special price labels or even placing labels on ampoules, vials and inhalers can be carried out in large volumes. We can procure the required packaging materials and suitable tools for you in line with your specifications. We offer both maximum flexibility and top quality.

What can we package for you?


Room conditions in secondary packaging
Clean room zone ISO 9.

Monitored environmental conditions

Secondary packaging
Temperature: 22,5 ± 2,5 °C
Humidity: ≤ 55 %


Cartoning machines
3x Romaco Promatic P 91
1x Romaco Promatic AS100
2x R. Bosch CAR-T5
1x Uhlmann C 130

Labelling machine
1x Collamat
1x Rota

Manual packaging
Qualified staff